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oh_alluring's Journal

Are you Alluring?
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Post your application within 24 hours of joining.
Put your application under an lj cut. If you dont we wont even look at it! You will have 3-5 days to fix it and then your application will be deleted and you will have to re-join.
after 48 hours we will accept or reject you depending on the votes.
You must be at least 14
Put 'new' in the subject line and 'im oh so alluring' on the lj cut so we know you read the rules.
Fill out the whole application and dont rush.
Fighting is allowed. No Fighting with the mods or that will result in an auto rejection.
After you are accepted it is your job to vote and promote.
You will need to fill out the application and post at least 2 pictures.
If you are rejected you can re-apply after 7 days with new pictures.
no NUDITY whatsoever!

When voting on applications, please put yes or no in the subject line. It makes it easier for us to count up the votes.
When voting BE HONEST! They know that they were going to be rated so say whats on your mind!
After being accepted put the stamp in your userinfo!
When posting pictures please put them behind an LJ cut.
Occasionally there will be posting by a mod to see if everyone is still active. And if you do not reply within 4 days you will be kicked out and have to re-apply.
This community is based on 95% looks and 5% on the application.
PROMOTING is allowed but you can only promote ONCE a week. If you do it more i WILL delete it
Nudity is NOT allowed.
Put stamped// as the subject line in all your posts.

The one who earns the most points will become the member of the month and their vote will count for 2. Make sure you put theme//winner on the top of your vote. (This contest will go until Feb. 20th)

1. Get someone to join. for every person that you get to join you will get 50 points. Make sure they tell us that you told them to join.

2. PROMOTE!!-- Give us a list of places you promoted -- 15 points for every promote.

3. Post pictures- you get 10 points for each picture you post.

4. Make a promotion banner - 25 points.

5. Post an entry - 5

6. Participate in the weekly theme - 30 points

7. Win the theme - 100 points

shortmessage - 600 - for posting 60 pictures
ooh_lala_sarah - 75

Starting this sunday we will have a new theme and the winner of the theme will get 100 points! Each Sunday we will begin a new theme. Put in the subject line stamped//theme.
This weeks theme: