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Name: Melissa
Age: 15
Birthday/Sign: November 13/Scorpio

Perfume: Pink Candy by Aquina
Movies: Closer, Mean Girls, Napolean Dynamite, The Princess Bride
TV shows: The O.C., Simpsons, and that's about all I watch
Store: American Eagle
Singers/Bands: The Used, My Chemical Romance, Thursday
Actress and Actor: Natalie Portman // Jude Law
Hobbies: Soccer, Lacrosse, Being with my friends, running, music, shopping

Abortion: I'm pro-choice.  i think that a baby should not be brought into the world if it does not have parents who want it, or who are in the financial situation to do so.
Sex: If you love someone, then you could go for it.  but people really dont understand how emotional it is, or how much it can hurt mentally.  I really respect those people who wait until they're married.
You are given $10,000 to spend. Where do you go and what do you get?: Concert tickets.  There are so many shows I'm dying to go to.  Then the rest would go into my college acount  (this wasn't asked, but the reasoning behind that is I'm going to college in three years, and I barely have enough money for one years tuition :(    )
Drugs: Drugs can mess you up so bad.  Ever read "A million little pieces" by James Frey?  I recomend it.  It will give you a real insight on how horrific it is.
Gay marriage: I really respect people who can stand up and say they're different.  As long as your in love, thats what matters...not the sex organs.
Why should we accept you? I love rating communties, and I will be active :)
Where did you hear about us? I was going to help out make this...but for some reason that never actually happened.
Promote us in two places (we will be checking):


 right after I got highlights :)


Thanks <333



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